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Relief from Painful Postures!

Poor Posture Can Cause Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to alleviate this. Brugger’s Postural Relief Exercise strengthens muscles, promotes stability and relaxes muscles that tighten due to postural stresses.

Slump and feel the tension created in your upper back and shoulders; then try the postural relief position – feel the dramatic decrease in muscular tension. Also try this while turning your head – again you should notice a big difference between the two postures.

1. Sit with your buttocks at the edge of a chair.
2. Spread your legs apart slightly.
3. Turn your toes out slightly.
4. Rest your weight on your legs and feet & relax your abdominal muscles.
5. Tilt your pelvis forward & Iift your chest up thus increasing the curve
of your lower back to its maximum.
6. Turn your palms up.

This postural exercise should be done for 10 seconds every 20 minutes. lt
can be incorporated into sit to stand, walking, and lifting positions. Within a few weeks, you will experience the sensation of sitting and standing straighter
naturally. At Rosyth Chiropractic, we can ensure you are performing this exercise correctly, and can correct the spinal compensations that occur due to this posture – helping the changes become more permanent and natural.

If you have any questions regarding this exercise please contact us.

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