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New Year, New You – Same Stresses?

Made Some New Years Resolutions?

Working hard to stick to them? Falling by the wayside already? Or are you back to work and already feeling the strain – tired, stressed out and full of aches and pains?

Do you know that the mind and body are closely interlinked, and can have a massive effect on each other. We see lots of people in the clinic at this time of year who have aches and pains caused by stress. 

Christmas and New Year are a prime time for immobility – time off work, gym closed, family visiting, a good film on the TV – all good reasons for disrupting your usual routine. This contributes to postural issues and joint stiffness (in addition to cardiovascular health issues) and can further postural changes that have already been occurring. This can then lead joint and muscle pain. Going all out to meet your new years resolutions can also impact on this.

These problems can worsen and become harder to treat as time progresses, and can affect your general well being. Our Chiropractors can help diagnose the source of your pain, and provide a treatment plan to best tackle any physical issues you may have.

To Prevent Problems:

Have some me time! Even 15 minutes a day will make a massive difference to your health. Find what relaxes you and what you enjoy, and aim to do it everyday. You could also consider deep breathing techniques or meditation to help you relax. Lying or sitting down, taking deep breaths and imaging your muscles -from your toes to your head – relaxing helps to focus the mind and greatly alleviates stress.

Have a Hot Bath! A warm bath or heat pack can help relax tired and aching muscles. It increases muscle elasticity, therefore causing relaxation.

Stretch! Stretching can relieve pain, and alleviate the stresses placed on joints. Take time in the day to stretch your neck and lower back.

Looking straight ahead, tilt your head towards one shoulder until you feel a gentle stretch. Hold for 20 seconds then switch to the opposite side.

For your lower back, lie flat on your back and bring one knee up to your chest. Hold for 20 seconds then switch to the opposite leg. Again after 20 seconds, bring both knees up to your chest for 20 seconds.

Chiropractic can address joint and muscles aches, and postural problems. By relieving joint stiffness and restrictions and reducing pain and muscle spasm, your recovery is sped up and improved. By manipulating and mobilising the joints of the body and spine, and using a variety of soft tissue techniques to relax muscle and soft tissue structures, we can help alleviate the physical stresses experienced at this time of year. We can also offer advice on how to best prevent reocurrences. Call us on 01383249660 or book online now!

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