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Christmas Shopping is Hard Work!

Our Guide to Healthy Christmas Shopping

Contrary to popular belief, shopping isn’t all fun and frivolity – it’s hard physical work!  You are walking large distances on unforgiving surfaces, carrying weighty bags, overheating, experiencing stressful situations, standing in queues and pushing yourself to the limit, perhaps against the ticking clock of Christmas!

Victoria Thompson, Chiropractor, explains:  “It’s important to recognise the physical strain of shopping.  You hear people say they are exhausted when they come home from the shops – they are!  It can be very enjoyable but there are sensible precautions which Christmas shoppers can take to avoid over-doing it.”

Rosyth Chiropractic recommend that you:

Imagine you are entering a marathon and prepare accordingly!

Shop online for bulky or heavy items, or plan your shopping trip around these items. Pick them up separately to other goods and try to park close to the shop. Accept help where it is offered.

Shop local! Not only will you find great gifts in local shops, you don’t have to carry it long distances!

Make a list and plan your shopping trip carefully so that you collect heavier things when you are on your way home

Warm up with a brisk walk before you start buying anything.

Wear sensible shoes to avoid back and neck strain – high heels are not advised for long shopping days.

Carry a well-fitting backpack or if you carry shopping bags, balance their weight evenly in both hands; better still, use a trolley!

Drink plenty of water 

Take regular breaks and rests with a light, healthy snack – chopped up vegetables, fruit  and hard boiled eggs are fantastic for eating on the go!

Make several shopping trips and buy a little each time, instead of trying to lug everything around on one big spree.

Avoid over-spending as this will cause further stress; we see a lot of people suffering from stress-related back pain around Christmas.

Consider making presents: you avoid cost, carrying heavy bags and stress!

Above all else, enjoy yourself! Remember Christmas isn’t all about gifts and causing yourself unnecessary stress! Merry Christmas!

Should you require an appointment after your shopping, book online or call 01383249660!